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Protect Yourself

It is important to take necessary measures to protect yourself from the Coronavirus infection in other to prevent its spread as there is currently no vaccine for the virus.

Take note of the following steps to avoid exposing yourself to the disease.

Steps to Prevent Covid-19

Wash Hands Regularly

Spend up to 20 seconds washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water many times a day. Doing so kills virus that may already be on your hands.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Always carry and use a hand-sanitizer when soap and water is unavailable. Be sure to use one that contains Alcohol as Alcohol kills the virus.

Maintain Safe Distance

Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and others. This prevents infected droplets from a sneeze or cough from reaching you.

Stay At Home

As much as possible, stay at home. This is especially important if you have developed even minor symptoms of the disease.

Wear a Mask

Protect your face: Don't touch your nose, eyes or mouth.  Wear a mask when you go out especially if you show symptoms to prevent spreading to others.

Isolate Yourself

If you are sick with the virus, isolate yourself even from your family  and seek medical care if symptoms worsen.

Not Sure if you have contracted the virus?

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